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About Us

The more you learn the more you earn

We are a group of gaming and online earning enthusiasts who want to try and help other gamers that are trying to start their online earning. Our team research on legit websites and narrow it down that are paying good, which we then share in this website so that our fellow gamers do not need to waste their time on other fake websites. And you might also be thinking how do I withdraw my money, well you do not need to get worked up about that, you can simply exchange earning in our shop below and I please highly recommend you to visit our FAQ.

Besides, we do not charge anything for information so please if you got any questions do contact us through our Contact form or our Facebook page.

How To Earn

There are two ways on earning online: from Web browser and Mobile App

If you are new at earning online, please I highly suggest you go through the FAQ for more information on how to exchange your money.

Also please help us by sign up from our referral link which will encourage us to post more earning websites. If this project gets success we assure you that more high earning websites are coming through your way, with free techniques and more.

Given links below are websites where you can earn in Web browser

  1. You can earn at least a $3-$5 per day in the following websites.
    • EVERVE Payment method Payeer to exchange from our website
    • Instagram Payment method Payeer to exchange from our website

Following link are the list of apps for passive and active earning

  1. You can earn from the app although the earnings from it are a little thin.
    • WEBSURF Payment method through Paypal only
    • HONEYGAIN Payment method through Paypal only


>How to withdraw your earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings from Payeer or if you have any questions please get in touch with us through our form below Contact Us.

>Can I withdraw my money by myself?

Of course, you are not obligated to withdraw or exchange your earnings from our website. You are free to withdraw your earnings if you have any verified payment gateway source. Besides, if you want to verify your payment gateway we charge you a small fee.

>Are the websites mentioned legit?

Yes, our team thoroughly examined the websites that are paying and, narrowed down by tossing out the scam websites.

>Is there any fee for working?

Absolutely not, we are trying to grow the community by giving free information. However, we want our viewers to sign up from our referral link which will help us to post more tricks and techniques to earn./p>

Our Shop

Here you can exchange your earnings or you can withdraw it in your eSewa wallet. However, we charge a small number of transaction fees (not a commission) for the gaming digital currencies you choose.

Also, there are some conditions for exchanging your earnings, if you are working through our referral link then you do not need to worry about any fee, however, if you are not from our referral link then you have to pay extra money while exchanging your earnings.

  • $10 Steam Wallet
  • Price: $10+$2(Payeer balance) for our referrals
  • $10+30% extra fee for other users
  • $10 LOL RP
  • Price: $10+$2(Payeer balance) for our referrals
  • $10+30% extra fee for other users


Please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us for any type of questions.

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